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Rug Hooking Paper Patterns

Orphaned Wool has a beautiful collection of Rug Hooking Paper Patterns. These patterns are perfect for Rug Hooking and Rug Punching with the Oxford punch.

Orphaned Wool's Paper Rug Hooking Patterns are designed to be enlarged. 

Why purchase Orphaned Wool's Rug Hooking Paper patterns? There are several terrific things about our rug hooking paper patterns...

First, the pattern cost savings that are created by transferring the design yourself.

Second, choose and use your favorite backing material whether it's monks cloth, rug warp, or natural or bleached linen... you choose. 

Third, is the ability to customize the pattern's enlargement size. You can choose one of the size enlargement suggestions listed or using the enlargement formula provided to create a custom size. In addition, can choose to add a border to some or all sides of the pattern to further customize your pattern size.

Forth, the beautiful full-color placement guide shows you every color used to create the pattern along with the placement of the colors in the design. This guide shows you how each color is distributed throughout the design, making it easy if you choose to change one or several colors in the pattern and maintain the color balance in the design.

A signed Copyright ©️ Permission Slip allowing a maximum of 3 pattern enlargements of the enclosed paper rug hooking pattern is included with your purchase.


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