Rug Hooking- Pattern Collection by Themes

Explore Diverse Pattern Collections

Are you looking for a distinctive pattern to create for your home or a gift? Dive into our curated selection, where we've organized patterns into four captivating collections:

1. Floral & Plant Pattern Designs

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with our enchanting floral and plant-inspired patterns. Discover a garden of patterns that bring the outdoors to life, from delicate blossoms to lush foliage.

2. Geometric Pattern Designs

For those who appreciate precision and order, our geometric patterns offer a symphony of shapes and lines. Explore mesmerizing arrangements that add a modern touch to your design palette.

3. Pattern Series & Seasonal Designs

If you want to create a pattern set or a complete collection of designs, venture into our unique pattern series that will beautifully accent your home, or enjoy our seasonal pattern collections; our Pattern Series & Seasonal Designs collection has you covered.

4. Wildlife & Insect Pattern Designs

Step into the wild with our incredible wildlife and insect-inspired patterns. From the majestic Moth collection to our Rabbits, intricate Foxes & busy Birds & Bumblebees, and Dragonflies, these designs bring the untamed beauty of nature into your creative projects.

Each collection offers a unique and carefully curated selection for your preferences. Explore the world of patterns and let your creativity flourish!