Collection: Combination Art- Punch Needle combined with Rug Hooking- Pattern/Kits

Combination Art Kits- Combination Art Kits for the artist that enjoys both Punch Needle and Rug Hooking. This unique kit combines both textile art forms to create one beautiful piece of textile art. 

This Combination Kit provides all the information and most of the materials needed to create these stunning designs. It is an excellent way to incorporate your love of punch needle and rug hooking in one lovely design. 

The Combination Art Kit includes:

Rug Hooking Pattern on Linen - Hand-Drawn on quality natural linen with a surged finished edge. A full-color wool placement guide provides a beautiful visual guide to the exact placement of all the wool colors used in the design.

Punch Needle Pattern on Weaver's Cloth - This "ready-to-go pattern" is on a quality piece of weaver's cloth fabric and includes a full-color thread placement guide & punch needle instructions.

Punch Needle Thread kit- This Thread kit includes all the threads needed to complete the punch needle portion of the kit. In addition, the punch needle color guide shows all the thread color placement and provides detailed directions for the pattern. 

Wool fabric color sample guide- These wool fabric color samples color provide the exact fabric colors used to create the pattern and include the resource information to purchase the Wool or match it to your existing wool fabric inventory.

The How-To-Create - A detailed directions guide and supply list includes a Punch Needle prepping/ironing information and the attachment process along with how to frame step-by-step directions with the framing resource to order a reasonably priced quality float frame.

I hope you enjoy this unique Combination Art kit from Orphaned Wool.

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