Drawn on Linen Rug Hooking Patterns

 Orphaned Wool is now offering Rug Hooking or Oxford Rug Punching Patterns drawn on linen!  The entire Rug Hooking line will eventually be offered as drawn patterns. 

These patterns are hand-drawn on quality natural linen and have serged edges. Patterns will also include the Orphaned Wool full-color placement guide for selecting your colors. This guide makes it very easy for you to select similar wool/yarn colors used to create each pattern. 

Feel free to substitute different colors to create your own unique color palette, the color guide is very helpful at showing how the colors are distributed throughout the design.  

I hope that this New drawn pattern line will make it much easier for customers that find it difficult to enlarge and draw the paper rug hooking patterns. I know that it has been especially difficult during this time of COVID 19 and going out to have the patterns enlarged at a store.

If you have any questions about a specific pattern or size available, please email me at orphanedwool@gmail.com 

Please remember that these are all hand-drawn patterns and might take a few more days than my usually processing time. 

Thank you!


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