Collection: Newly Released Patterns & News from the Studio

New Designs & Updates from the Orphaned Wool Studio, by Kelly Kanyok.

For My Punch Needle Enthusiasts :

I am introducing five New Punch Needle Designs and one new Thread Kit for all my Punch Needle Friends, "Rosy Spring," "Vines of Summer," "Autumn's Gift," "Entwined," and now "Radiant."

 Radiant was designed using the new DMC Eco-Vita 100% Wool Threads. These new threads are beautiful to work with and can be easily found online at, a 27-year-old family-owned business from the US. They have a great flat shipping rate of $3.49 for any size US order and $4.99 for Canadian orders. So why not try something new?

I have also included my DMC Eco-Vita conversion chart to DMC Floss with my Paper or Cloth patterns, so creating this Radiant pattern using DMC Floss instead of the Eco-Vita Wool thread is easily converted. I have several other new designs I am working on using this lovely new thread line from DMC.

My previously released pattern, "Bullseye Moth," is now available with a custom thread kit. All three moth designs, Spanish Moon Moth, Luna, and now Bullseye, have thread kits- See Punch Needle Kits.

I have also updated my "Together" Fox pattern with a new color guide featuring the design created in DMC Floss Threads. Take a look at the new color guide. Creating this sweet "Together" pattern with the easy-to-access DMC threads is easy.

For My Rug Hooking Community:

Also, for my Rug hooking community, I have released two new designs, "Entwined" and "Autumn Sky," available in paper (for enlargement) or PDF digital download patterns.

Also, the new feature called "Size Customization" for my Rug Hooking Community will hopefully make creating your Rug Hooking custom pattern much easier and more convenient. Now, you can have your favorite OW Rug Hooking Paper Patterns enlarged to fit your needs without taking them to a store for enlargement and conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep! To learn more about this feature, look under Rug Hooking in the Main Menu  "Size Customization."

Feel free to email with questions or a quote for a pattern you want to be enlarged and/or hand-drawn on natural linen.

Whether you're an experienced artisan or just stepping into the world of textile art, Orphaned Wool designs will captivate your imagination and add a touch of warmth and beauty to your surroundings.

Have a Wonderful Day! 

Kelly Kanyok- Artist & Founder of Orphaned Wool