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Orphaned Wool

Beautiful patterns created for fiber artists, from punch needle to embroidery, Oxford rug punch to rug hooking, these patterns are designed just for you!

The Orphaned Wool pattern line was designed to inspire artists to create beautiful timeless works of art.

Now Available- Hand-drawn on linen - Rug Hooking /Oxford Punch Patterns.

"Create your Masterpiece"

Orphaned Wool ©️Copyright 2020 Kelly Kanyok

Orphaned Wool dedicated to creating beautiful timeless patterns!  

Patterns are available in 3 different formats:

1. Punch Needle Paper Patterns-PPN (on Paper) 

Included with the Paper Punch Needle pattern is a custom color guide along with the Valdani thread list.  This Color Guide illustrates the placement of the thread colors used to create the design.  The guide can also be helpful when using your own thread colors.  Paper pattern allow you to trace on to your own backing materials, whether you enjoy using weavers cloth to linen.


2. Drawn Punch Needle Patterns - DPN (on Weavers Cloth)

The patterns are hand-drawn on weavers cloth and ready to go!  

Generous borders to provide plenty of material to attach to your frame or hoop. Included with the weavers cloth pattern is our Color Guide and Valdani thread list. This helpful Color Guide will to show the placement of thread colors used to create this design, but feel free to use our guide along with your own thread colors.

** These Punch Needle Patterns are perfect for embroidery, needlework, needlepoint along with other types of fiber art!**



3. Rug Hooking Paper Patterns (on Paper)

The  Rug Hooking Paper Patterns are designed to be enlarged!  They provide everything you need to enlarge the pattern from, size suggestions to the formula to create a different size, along with a Copyright Permission Slip allowing for a (1) time enlargement of the enclosed pattern. Also included with your paper pattern is our custom Color Guide, this provides you with the number of colors used along with the placement of the colors in the design.  These Paper Patterns also allow you to choose your favorite backing material.

**Perfect for the Oxford Punch and other fiber art forms.!**


 Featured Patterns Collections  

Awakening Collection & Flourish Collection

Created as a series of coordinated patterns! Designed so you could mix and match patterns within each collection. Create a hooked rug and punch needle pillow, both designed to compliment each other in color and design, creating a beautiful collection of decorative fiber art for your home. 

If you enjoy the fiber arts...these patterns are designed just for you!

Thank You for visiting Orphaned Wool!


All Orphaned Wool patterns and designs ©️Copyright 2020 Kelly Kanyok

All Rights Reserved

Rug Hooking pattern

Flower Festival Rug