Discover Exquisite Patterns for Punch Needle and Rug Hooking Enthusiasts

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity with this beautiful selection of patterns designed for Punch Needle, also known as Punch Needle Embroidery. This type of artwork is created using thread and a punch needle tool.

Enjoy creating a Rug Hooking or Rug Punch Needle design using enlargeable paper patterns. Designs can be made using wool strips with a rug hook or with yarn using a rug punch needle, like an "Oxford Punch".

Patterns Format Options:

Needle Punch: Paper Pattern, Printed on Weaver's Cloth Pattern, Patterns available with Custom Thread Kits along with our PDF Digital Downloadable Patterns.

Rug Hooking: Paper Pattern, PDF Digital Downloadable Pattern, (both designed for enlargement), Select Patterns Hand-Drawn on Natural Linen and our New Feature- Paper Pattern Size Customization.

If you are interested in a pattern not currently listed as a rug hooking pattern or would like a custom-size pattern drawn on natural linen, please email me the item and size for a price quote.

The Moth Collection

 Introducing the "Autumn Sky" Paper Rug Hooking Pattern – an exquisite floral design that effortlessly transforms into a captivating pillow or an impressive large rug, adding timeless elegance to your home decor. This fabulous paper pattern allows you to create the perfect size design for your home. Autumn Sky Copyright 2024 Kelly Kanyok , Orphaned Wool

NEW - Autumn Sky Pattern now available in a Rug Hooking format.

Autumn Sky is now available as a Rug Hooking Paper or PDF Digital Download Patterm. See Rug Hooking in the Main Menu.

  • Punch Needle-Paper & Cloth Patterns

    Patterns designed for (Thread) Punch Needle & Needlework Artists. 

    Paper Patterns are ready to be traced onto a foundation fabric. Patterns on Weaver's Cloth are Ready-To-Go on a frame or hoop. Patterns Include

    A beautiful Full-Color Thread Placement Guide, Pattern Instruction, Thread Color Codes. Most Patterns use DMC Floss. Select patterns provide Valdani Thread and RMW Thread color options or thread combinations ) *See the pattern for details.


    Punch Needle Paper & Cloth Patterns 
  • PDF Digital Download Patterns-Punch Needle & Rug Hooking

    Available for many Rug Hooking and Punch Needle Patterns. 

    These PDF-Digital Patterns are a great way to print your favorite OW pattern quickly. Benefits Include An easily Printed Pattern file, Additional Savings on Paper Pattern Price, Prints on Standard-Size Paper, Savings on Postage costs, Shipping time, or possible Shipping delays. 

    Everything included in our Beautiful Paper Patterns is printed easily & instantly!


    Punch Needle- PDF Digital Collection 
  • Rug Hooking - Paper Patterns

    Perfect for Rug Hooking or Oxford Punch Needle Artists.

    Paper Patterns are designed for enlargement. This Feature enables Custom-Size Patterns to be created. 

    Benefits Include The Cost-Effectiveness of the pattern, Enlargement Size Suggestions & Information, Using your Favorite Foundation Fabric, Easy-to-follow Instructions, and the Beautiful full-color Placement Guide. * See the pattern for more details.


    Paper Rug Hooking Patterns 

About - Color Placement Guides

Full-Color Placement Guide- All patterns include a custom full-color placement guide. An easy-to-follow full-color visual guide illustrates the entire pattern, easily showing the distribution of all the colors throughout the design. This color guide has a color key showing you how many colors are used in the design. This beautiful colored pattern drawing makes seeing the placement of all the colors much easier than having printed numbers on a pattern to follow. This full-color guide also makes switching any color in the pattern easier and helps you maintain the color balance in the design.

Combination Art

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