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Orphaned Wool

Spanish Moon Moth- Punch Needle Pattern with Thread Kit

Spanish Moon Moth- Punch Needle Pattern with Thread Kit

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The Spanish Moon Moth -Needle Punch Pattern: Enjoy creating this nature-inspired design that captures the beauty of the Spanish Moon Moth with its delicate wings and vibrant teal colors. This pattern is a celebration of the elegance found in nature. Create a beautiful wall hanging or stunning pillow with this design. This Custom Thread Kit also includes our Quick Split Clip, which makes splitting threads quick & easy! See Supplies for more information on this item.

The Spanish Moon Moth has some companion designs with the Luna Moth and Bullseye Moth patterns (sold separately), which are lovely for creating a set of wall hangings or pillows. 

Pattern Features:

Spanish Moon Moth - Pattern Size: 7 x 7

Choose The Type of Pattern: Choose the pattern you are interested in. Our Cloth Pattern is professionally printed on a high-quality piece of Weaver’s Cloth fabric that is “ready to go” on your frame or hoop. The Paper Pattern is ready to trace on your Weaver’s Cloth fabric; I recommend using a small lightbox and Micron 05 Archival Ink Pen for tracing the paper pattern onto your Weaver’s Cloth fabric.

Thread Kit The 18-piece DMC Floss custom thread kit also includes the Quick Slip Clip, which makes separating the DMC quick and easy; I love it, and so will you! No need to travel around to find all the threads needed to create this design; this thread kit has precisely what you need to get started. Perfect for gift-giving, too! For more information on the Quick Slip Clip, see Supplies.

Easy-To-Follow Instructions: Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in using a punch needle, this pattern includes helpful tips and easy-to-follow Instructions in the thread placement guide.

Full-Color Thread Placement Guide: This colorful guide details where each thread color is used throughout the pattern, utilizing the design in full color for easy navigation. Thread color combinations and other unique pattern details are all included in the instructions. The type of thread, thread color code list, and thread amounts to complete the design are all included in the pattern instructions.

Needle Punch Information: The pattern also includes the type of Punch Needle used to create the pattern, needle length settings, size of the needle used, and the number of thread strands used in specific areas of the design.

Optional Techniques: The Spanish Moon Moth has an optional sculpting technique used in the pattern to create a fuzzy dimension to the antennas. The full detailed directions are in the color guide. It’s always an added benefit to learn something new!

Orphaned Wool - Spanish Moon Moth
Copyright © 2023 Kelly Kanyok

Punch Needle Pattern -Thread KIT Color List:

18 DMC Floss Skeins needed to complete this design

Thread/ Code/ Amount/ Color Name

DMC       927        2         Gray Green Light

DMC       645       2          Beaver Gray VD

DMC       500       2          Blue Green VD

DMC       502       1           Blue Green

DMC       503       2          Blue Green Medium

DMC       504       1           Blue Green VL

DMC       801        1          Coffee Brown Dark

DMC      838        2          Brown Beige VD

DMC      310         1          Black

DMC      3045      1         Yellow Beige Dark

DMC      3047      1         Yellow Beige VL

DMC      3046      2         Yellow Beige Medium

 This pattern is Copyrighted and for Personal Use Only- Not for Resale. All rights reserved - Thank You.

See Supplies for Weavers Cloth, Ultra Punch Needles, Tips & Technique booklet & other Punch Needle supplies.

Orphaned Wool -Spanish Moon Moth
Copyright © 2023 Kelly Kanyok

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Thoughtfully packaged, love the pattern. I will definitely buy more from this shop. I haven't started yet but I appreciated the care of including a guide and thread separator clip.
Thank you Kelly!