DMC Eco-Vita Wool Threads- converted to DMC Floss colors

The Thread Conversion Chart was designed by Orphaned Wool to provide the conversion from DMC Eco-Vita Wool Threads to DMC 6-strand Floss. This Free PDF Downloadable chart will allow you to easily convert any Orphaned Wool pattern designed using DMC Eco-Vita Wool threads into DMC 6-strand Floss colors to create the design.

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This Orphaned Wool color conversion chart represents what I feel is the closest thread color match. I have also considered the complementary thread colors. Hence, they are coordinated when used together in a design.

Please note that the DMC Eco-Vita Wool Threads are single-strand thicker, so the number of strands needed in the conversion to DMC 6-strand Floss might need to be slightly increased.

Happy Creating!