New To Punch Needle-DMC Eco-Vita 100% Wool Threads

New To Punch Needle-DMC Eco-Vita 100% Wool Threads

I'm thrilled to introduce you to the latest addition to Orphaned Wool: Using the New DMC Eco-Vita 100% Wool Thread line. This remarkable collection offers eco-friendly, 100% wool threads dyed with plant-based dyes from Italy. Boasting a palette of 60 vibrant colors, these threads are available in skeins and are a single thread that creates great coverage thanks to their pure wool texture.

Experimenting with these threads in my Ultra Punch Needle, I've been pleasantly surprised to find that they work effortlessly with the small-size needle. As a rug hooker with a penchant for wool, I couldn't be more excited about this new wool thread line. And being from DMC, there will hopefully be widespread distribution, ensuring easy accessibility for all. But fear not; I've got a wonderful distributor located in the USA that makes it easy to order these new DMC threads online. (See below information)

I have chosen to use a new thread line alongside the DMC Floss line for some of my designs. Incorporating this new DMC Eco-Vita Wool thread line for some patterns allows me to design patterns with a unique texture and matte finish that only using wool threads creates. I also love that they are an eco-friendly plant-based dyed and 100% wool.

DMC Floss has been my go-to for years because of its local availability, extensive color range, cost-effective skein availability, and beautiful satiny finish created with these threads. With DMC, I can seamlessly incorporate many colors into my designs without worrying about cost constraints. Opting for skeins over balls of thread allows for greater flexibility and affordability, catering to both my creativity and being mindful of my customers' budgets.

That said, my designs still have a place for thread balls, like Valdani—Pearl Cotton size-12 thread balls, particularly for large areas in a design, like backgrounds. I've previously used a combination of DMC Floss (using three of the six strands) and Valdani size-12 thread together in a design, and they both worked seamlessly together. 

In essence, the New DMC Eco-Vita 100% Wool Thread line offers a perfect marriage of sustainability, quality, and versatility, seamlessly complementing my existing repertoire of materials. With accessibility and affordability at the forefront, it's a win-win for my customers and me.

About The OW- DMC Eco-Vita Thread Conversion Chart.-

The Orphaned Wool Eco-Vita Conversion Chart is on my website under Punch Needle. This chart lets you to easily convert any OW Eco-Vita-designed pattern into DMC Floss colors. So, no worries if you love the design but don’t want to use the wool threads. This chart will provide the information needed to create the design in DMC Floss.

News:- Regarding Orphaned Wool Thread Kits,

With my focus on designing and creating, I have chosen to streamline my inventory and ensure that my studio remains a hub of pattern creativity rather than a repository for thread kits. I will soon discontinue the thread kit option for my designs and thread kits will only be available for teaching my punch needle classes.

I have attached an excellent cost-effective online thread resource company for  creating all of my designs using DMC Floss, DMC Eco-Vita Wool Threads, and they also offer some of my favorite DMC organizational items, such as StitchBows and StitchBow Binder Inserts.

New Online-Thread Source Information- This family-owned business has been in business for 27 years and is located in the USA. They offer a $3.49 flat rate shipping for any size order. They carry an extensive inventory of DMC Floss, DMC Eco-Vita thread line, and DMC StitchBows and StitchBow Binder Inserts.

NEW PATTERN: RADIANT- copyright © 2024 Kelly Kanyok / Orphaned Wool

Created using DMC Eco-Vita 100% Wool Threads

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