About- Rug Hooking Paper Formats

The Rug Hooking Paper Pattern Format

Perfect for Rug Hooking or Oxford Punch Needle Artists.

Our Paper Rug Hooking Patterns are designed to be enlarged. This feature enables your to easily customize the size pattern you want to created. 

Benefits include The Pattern's Cost-Effectiveness- Enlargement size suggestions & information, and customization of the pattern size. Using your favorite foundation fabric, easy-to-follow instructions, and the beautiful full-color placement guide. * See each pattern for specific details.

Easy to Enlarge - The Paper Rug Hooking patterns can be easily enlarged at any local print or office supply store. The paper pattern will include size enlargement suggestions with the percentages needed to obtain those sizes and a formula to further customize to the desired pattern size you are looking to create. Also included is a signed Copyright permission slip for up to 3 enlargements, allowing the store to enlarge the copyrighted pattern.

Full-Color Placement Guide- All Paper Rug Hooking patterns include a custom full-color placement guide. An easy-to-follow full-color visual guide illustrates the entire pattern easily, showing the distribution of all the colors throughout the design. This color guide has a color key showing you how many colors are used in the design. This beautiful colored pattern drawing makes seeing the placement of all the colors much easier than having printed numbers on a pattern to follow. This full-color guide also makes switching any color in the pattern easier and helps you maintain the color balance in the design.

Creating with The Oxford Rug Punch- The Paper Rug Hooking Patterns are perfect for using the Oxford Rug Punch to create the design. Remember to have the pattern reversed at the store because, unlike rug hooking, rug punching works from the backside of the pattern. This can be easily done and will ensure that your pattern design is going in the proper direction, and if there is any writing on the design, that will be correct on the front side of the pattern.

*All pattern are to be cut out before the enlargement process begins to ensure the proper size enlargement.

I hope you enjoy everything our Paper Rug Hooking patterns have to offer!