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Orphaned Wool

Reflecting- Paper Rug Hooking Pattern

Reflecting- Paper Rug Hooking Pattern

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Reflecting- Paper Rug Hooking patternThe Reflecting Rug Hooking pattern is part of the Reflection Collection of designs. The Paper Rug Hooking pattern size: is 6x14 and is ready to be enlarged. Reflecting makes a perfect table runner size pattern (12x 28) to a beautiful floor rug (36x 42); imagine all the possibilities! 

Orphaned Wool Paper Rug Hooking patterns allow you to decide what size pattern you want to create. The patterns are designed to be enlarged and include pattern size suggestions and the enlargement formula, pattern copyright permission slip for three enlargements of the Reflecting Paper Pattern. So you can take the design to any copy center and have the enlargement made.   Enjoy pattern sizes from 12 x 28  and larger. Feel free to add your border to customize the pattern size further. 

This Reflecting Paper pattern includes  Two color placement guides (Summer and Winter), so you have a choice of color palettes, a Copyright enlargement permission slip for a maximum of (3) enlargements, the Paper pattern, and the "How-to-Enlarge" instructions.

Purchasing paper Rug hooking patterns allow you to use your favorite backing material, and transferring your design creates considerable cost savings for you to enjoy!

Check out the other patterns in the Reflection Collection, including rug hooking and punch needle patterns. They make the perfect accent pieces for this Reflecting rug hooking pattern.

I hope you enjoy the Reflecting Paper Rug Hooking pattern!

Reflecting- Copyright © 2021 Kelly Kanyok  Orphaned Wool

All Rights Reserved, Not for resale 


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