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Reflection-Paper Rug Hooking Pattern

Reflection-Paper Rug Hooking Pattern

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Reflection-Paper Rug Hooking Pattern- This Reflection Paper pattern is part of the Reflection Collection; This pattern collection of Rug Hooking and Punch Needle coordinated textile designs was created to complement each other.

The Reflection -paper rug hooking pattern is the most prominent pattern of the four designs in the collection. This Reflection pattern, finished as a large rug, makes a beautiful statement piece. The warm colors from the Winter color guide give this design a Craftsman, Mid-Century feel to the rug. This pattern also includes the Summer color palette placement guide.

The Paper Rug Hooking patterns are also excellent to create with the Oxford Rug Punch.

Check out the other patterns in the Reflection Collection: Reflecting, Reflected and Reflect; they make beautiful accent pieces to the Reflection pattern.

Reflection Paper Rug Hooking pattern has some suggested pattern enlargement sizes and includes the formula used to create different size patterns.

The pattern comes with two color placement guides- Winter & Summer. These guides provide you with all the colors used in the pattern and see exactly where each color is used within the design. The other helpful use of the color guide is to provide you with a way to balance the colors in the design, so if you choose to replace a single color or change the entire color palette, the guide will show where to distribute that new color(s) and maintain color balance throughout the design. 

Included with this REFLECTION pattern:- Paper Pattern, Copyright permission, three enlargements, two color placement guides (summer & winter), the "How-to-Enlarge" Instructions, and Pattern size suggestions of the enclosed paper pattern, as part of your purchase. 

Paper Pattern size: 7 1/2 x 13

Enlargement size suggestions:

200% = 15 x 26 Table runner Size

300% = 22 1/2 x 39 Small Rug / Wall Hanging

400% = 30 x 52  Perfect Rug Size

475% = 36 x 62  Lg. Rug size

Feel free to add a border to make the pattern your desired size!

All rights reserved,  Reflection- Copyright © 2020, Kelly Kanyok  - Orphaned Wool

For personal use only - not for resale

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Customer Reviews

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Martha Belinke
Just what I was looking for!

I am a rug hooker and dye my own wools. I am always looking for pattern ideas that I can transfer onto my own backing and use my own wools but I need help with color planning. I have found the answer in Orphaned Wool. Beautiful paper patterns with color planning options are offered for such a reasonable cost. The patterns come with permission and suggestions on how to enlarge to desired size. The patterns arrived quickly and were well packed and protected. I received my patterns and took two to the office supply store and for a very reasonable fee had them enlarged. I just finished dyeing the wool and have transferred the pattern and cannot wait to get started!!