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Orphaned Wool

Tuscan Blooms- Punch Needle Pattern

Tuscan Blooms- Punch Needle Pattern

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The Tuscan Blooms- Punch Needle Pattern is inspired by the natural hues found in the Italian countryside, including warm earth tones, rich reds, deep greens, and golden yellows. Enjoy the vibrant colors of Tuscan Blooms, and make a beautiful piece of art for your home.

Pattern Features:

Pattern: Tucan Blooms, Copyright © 2023 Kelly Kanyok

Pattern Size: 7 x 7

Choose The Type of Pattern: Choose the pattern you are interested in. Our Cloth Pattern is professionally printed on a high-quality piece of Weaver’s Cloth fabric that is “ready to go” on your frame or hoop. The Paper Pattern is ready to trace on your Weaver’s Cloth fabric; I recommend using a small lightbox and Micron 05 Archival Ink Pen for tracing the paper pattern onto your Weaver’s Cloth fabric.

Easy-To-Follow Instructions: Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in using a punch needle, this pattern includes helpful tips and easy-to-follow Instructions in the thread placement guide.

Full-Color Thread Placement Guide: This colorful guide details where each thread color is used throughout the pattern, utilizing the design in full color for easy navigation. Thread color combinations and other unique pattern details are all included in the instructions. The type of thread, thread color code list, and thread amounts to complete the design are all included in the pattern instructions.

Needle Punch Information: The pattern also includes the type of Punch Needle used to create the pattern, needle length settings, size of the needle used, and the number of thread strands used in specific areas of the design.

Optional Techniques: Tuscan Blooms can use dimensional punching techniques to create unique dimensions in the pattern flower center. The full detailed directions are in the color guide. It’s always an added benefit to learn something new!

Tuscan Blooms Pattern Size: 7 x 7

Orphaned Wool -TUSCAN BLOOMS
Copyright © 2023 Kelly Kanyok

Punch Needle Pattern Thread Color List:

18 DMC Floss Skeins needed to complete this design

Thread/ Code/ Amount/ Color Name
DMC     3827      2          Golden Brown Pale
DMC     3021      4          Brown Gray Very Dark
DMC     3826      2         Golden Brown
DMC          21      2         Alizarin Light
DMC     3777      2         Terra Cotta Very Dark
DMC       733      2         Olive Green Medium
DMC       732      1          Olive Green
DMC      3011     2          Khaki Green Dark
DMC        501     2          Blue Green Dark

Use 3 of the 6 DMC strands throughout the pattern. Unless noted in the color guide, the Ultra Punch Needle and the small size needle with the length set to #1 to complete this design.

This pattern is Copyrighted and for Personal Use Only- Not for Resale. All Right Reserved

Tuscan Blooms- Copyright 2023 Kelly Kanyok / Orphaned Wool

All Rights Reserved 

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