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Orphaned Wool

Together-Punch Needle Pattern

Together-Punch Needle Pattern

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This Together-Punch Needle pattern features an eye-catching fox design and offers paper or cloth pattern options. This pattern is ideal for those who want to create a unique design. With the punch needle process, you can easily create a beautiful, handmade piece of art.

New 2024 Updated color guide that has been converted to DMC floss from Valdani Threads. This new guide allows you to access the threads needed to create this sweet "Together" pattern more easily and less expensively due to the skeins versus purchasing a full ball of thread. These New DMC colors create a very close look to the Valdani threads used but without the variegation in colors.

*Photos shown are the Valdani Threads used to the completed design.

TOGETHER- Pattern Size: 5 1/4 x 7 1/4

PATTERN FEATURES: DMC Floss Color Code List & Valdani list 

Choose The Type of Pattern: Choose the pattern you are interested in. Our Cloth Pattern is professionally printed on a high-quality piece of Weaver's Cloth fabric that is "ready to go" on your frame or hoop. The paper pattern is ready to trace on your Weaver's Cloth fabric; I recommend using a small lightbox and Micron 05 Archival Ink Pen to trace the paper pattern onto your Weaver's Cloth fabric.

Easy-To-Follow Instructions: Whether you're a beginner or experienced in using a punch needle, this pattern includes helpful tips and easy-to-follow Instructions in the thread placement guide.

Full-Color Thread Placement Guide: This colorful guide details where each thread color is used throughout the pattern, utilizing the design in full color for easy navigation. Thread color combinations and other unique pattern details are all included in the instructions. The type of thread, thread color code list, and thread amounts to complete the design are all contained in the pattern instructions.

Needle Punch Information: The pattern also includes the type of Punch Needle used to create the pattern, needle length settings, size of the needle used, and the number of thread strands used in specific areas of the design.

The Paper Pattern or Pattern on Weaver's cloth includes the full-color thread placement guide, which details where each thread color is used throughout the design and the custom thread color codes list used to create this pattern.


NEW Updated- Together DMC Color List- 17 skeins of DMC thread are used to create this design.

DMC Code/ AMount/ Color Name

169            3                Pewter Gray

413            2                Pewter Gray Dark

934           1                 Gray Green Very Dark

732           2                 Olive Green

3852         1                 Straw Very Dark

3778         1                 Terra Cotta Light

814           1                  Garnet

975           3                 Golden Brown Dark

420           1                 Hazelnut Brown Dark

310            1                 Black

3865         1                 Winter White


TOGETHER Pattern- Valdani Threads


Size 12

Valdani Thread Color

Perle Cotton -(12 Colors)


Juniper Light


Brick Medium








Dark Antique Gold


Golden Moss


Blacken Teal


Rusted Gold


Tarnished Gold


Aged Wine


Blue Black



    Together- Copyright  ©️2019 Kelly Kanyok- Orphaned Wool  

    All Rights Reserved -For Personal Use Only-Not For Resale!

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