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Orphaned Wool

Tips & Technique Pamphlet

Tips & Technique Pamphlet

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Tips and Techniques Pamphlet -This Tri-fold information guide is a quick, easy-to-read Tips & Technique Punch Needle Information Guide. - How to Punch Needle Guide.

This Tri-fold pamphlet is loaded with information to start you on your way to learning how to use and create with the Thread Punch Needle. This guide focuses on using the Ultra Punch Needle but is very helpful for other types of Thread Punch Needles.

The information contained touches on the following topics:

Materials & Equipment-Backing material & Frames/Hoops

Threads-Different types 

Punch Needle 101- Holding, Threading, Loop length, How to Punch, Needle Sizes.

Pattern Transfer information & Where to Start

This Tips & Technique Guide is a perfect jump-start guide for anyone new to Punch Needle or who needs a little refresher.

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