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Serene (PPN) Paper Punch Needle Pattern
Serene (PPN) Paper Punch Needle Pattern
Serene (PPN) Paper Punch Needle Pattern
Serene (PPN) Paper Punch Needle Pattern
Serene (PPN) Paper Punch Needle Pattern

Serene (PPN) Paper Punch Needle Pattern

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This Serene (PPN)Paper Punch Needle Pattern makes a beautiful pillow or wall hanging. Serene (PPN) pattern size is (7 x7 )

These designs were created using (6) different colors from Rustic Moire 100% Wool Threads (RMW) from Spain.*  Now available through Orphaned Wool (SEE: Punch Needle kits).

Purchase Includes The Serene (PPN) pattern, along with a custom color guide which details exactly where each color is used throughout the design. The Pattern also provides a Valdani Thread color substitution for each Rustic Moire Wool thread color used to create this design. ( So you can also create this design with a similar color palette using Valdani Perle Cotton Threads.

Note: *This design is also available as a full Punch Needle kit which includes all 6 RMW threads, Paper or Cloth pattern.- (Serene PPN KIT, or Serene DPN KIT-Drawn on Weavers cloth Kit) (SEE: PUNCH NEEDLE KITS)

ABOUT using (RMW) RUSTIC MOIRE 100% WOOL THREADS. These threads are 100% spun wool from Spain and comes in a palette of 114 different gorgeous colors. They have approximately 89 yards on each spool, comparable yardage to the size 8 ball of Valdani thread.  The wool thread thickness is between a size 8 and 12 of Valdani Perle Cotton Threads.  I also enjoy working with the spool, it is a little easier than a ball or separating threads.

RMW threads have a beautiful natural texture that I love and will be quite durable, great for tabletop designs and pillows. They are like making miniature wool hooked designs, that is the organic finish you get with these wool threads.

Having a company named Orphaned Wool I love anything wool.  So I was very excited to create designs and add these New 100% wool threads to Orphaned Wool.

I use the Ultra Punch Needle -(small needle size) set at a #2 length for this design. If you find that the nubs in the threads slow you down, you could use the medium needle size and that should be just fine nubs and all. I still prefer the small needle and don't find the nubs to be an issue ( I simply pull them through the needle and cut and start again), but they mostly work through the weavers' cloth just fine.  (see Supplies for Ultra punch Needle )

The (RMW) threads are slightly different than working with Valdani Threads. The texture is more natural not as smooth, thus being 100% spun wool, and have small nubs in the threads which are part of working with natural fiber. I also enjoy working with the spool, you will always know what color you are working with (it is on the spool), and the spool is a little easier to work with than a ball or separating threads. Both threads: RWM and Valdani are both wonderful threads to work with, each having unique qualities and finishes, give them both a try!



*RMW 6 Thread colors used in design* : 407, 230, 213, 205, 282, 120

or substitute 

Valdani Thread colors (size 8 or 12)  : JP-1, 1315, H202, O548, O217, O503


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I hope you enjoy the Serene Punch Needle pattern