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Trio-Paper Rug Hooking Pattern
Trio-Paper Rug Hooking Pattern
Trio-Paper Rug Hooking Pattern

Trio-Paper Rug Hooking Pattern

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Trio-Paper Rug Hooking Pattern This pattern Includes the paper pattern designed to be enlarged, a full-color placement guide, enlargement size suggestions and instructions & enlargement formula, a Copyright permission slip for a (1) time enlargement of the paper pattern as part of your purchase.

Wonderful Pattern for Rug Hooking or the Oxford Punch!

This pattern has been designed to be enlarged, so you have the ability to customize the size.  To further customize the pattern and you can add borders to the pattern to create your own unique look.  

Some other wonderful features of purchasing a paper pattern are the cost-effectiveness of the pattern, This also allows you to use your favorite backing material from monks cloth to line

This Lg. Trio paper pattern would make a beautiful table runner or incredible floor runner rug.

The paper pattern size is 4 x 12

Pattern enlargement size options include:

200% = 8 x 24 Small Runner Size 

300% = 12 x 36 Lg. Table Runner

400% = 16 x 48 Floor Runner Rug Size 

*Add a border and create your own custom size!*

Not for Resale- Personal Use Only 

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