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Orphaned Wool

Flourish #1632-Paper Rug Hooking Pattern

Flourish #1632-Paper Rug Hooking Pattern

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Flourish #1632 -Paper Rug Hooking Pattern includes: The Paper pattern, Suggested size enlargements and formula used to create different sizes, The "How-to-Enlarge" instructions, a Full-color placement guide, a Copyright permission slip for a maximum of (3) enlargements of the enclosed pattern, as part of your purchase.

The enclosed pattern size is 6 x 12.

Enlarging a paper pattern is cost-effective, and you choose your desired backing material! It’s everything you want and affordable!

Pattern enlargement size options include:

200% = 12 x 24 Small Runner Size 

300% = 18 x 36 Lg. Table Runner or Small Rug Size 

400% = 24 x 48 Perfect Rug Size 

500% = 30 x 60 Beautiful Large Rug Size

*Add a border and create your custom size!*

Note: Cut the pattern out before enlargement to create an accurate size.

Flourish 1632 ©️Copyright 2019 Kelly Kanyok -Orphaned Wool 

For Personal Use Only- Not for Resale

All Rights Reserved

I hope you enjoy this wonderful pattern!

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