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Orphaned Wool

Marigold-PDF Rug Hooking Pattern-Digital Download

Marigold-PDF Rug Hooking Pattern-Digital Download

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Marigold is a PDF digital download Rug Hooking / Rug Punch Pattern. This 5-page rug hooking pattern file contains all the information needed to create this lovely Marigold- pattern, part of the Botanical Pattern Collection.

This Marigold-PDF Rug Hooking pattern file is easy to download and print from your home printer. The Marigold pattern includes enlargement options, from creating a lovely small pillow-size design to a beautiful floor-size rug and everything in between. Choose what size pattern you want to create from the downloaded pattern size suggestions, and use the fantastic color placement guide to create this Marigold design. That's the beauty of Orphaned Wool enlargeable PDF patterns! 

This Marigold pattern is perfect for Rug Hooking/Oxford Rug Punch Artists. 

The photos shown are the Marigold pattern completed as a punch needle design for an example of the finished pattern and color palette.

Orphaned Wool Rug Hooking/Rug Punch patterns are designed to be enlarged and Include helpful pattern enlargement size information and size suggestions. A material supply resource list, the custom-designed full-color placement guide for each pattern, and the beautiful design.

Also enclosed as part of the PDF download purchase is the Artist signed copyright permission slip for three pattern enlargements to use at your local copy center.

The PDF download patterns are designed to use standard-size paper. Everything will print in black ink except for part of the main page and the color placement guide, which will print in color.

Why purchase a PDF enlargeable Rug Hooking pattern? 

First, the pattern cost savings that are created by transferring the design yourself along with the additional pattern savings on a PDF download pattern.

Use and choose your favorite backing material, along with the ability to customize the pattern's enlargement size for your personal use. Then, select one of the size enlargement suggestions listed or use the enlargement formula to create a custom size.

Orphaned Wool patterns are customizable; you can add a border to some or all sides of the design, giving you the exact size and a unique pattern.

Finally, the beautiful full-color placement guide shows you every color used to create the pattern and the colors' placement. This guide lets you see how each color is distributed throughout the design, making it easy to change any color.

Digital Download PDF Rug Hooking Patterns are an excellent way to avoid shipping costs and delays, along with additional savings as a PDF download pattern. What could be better?

Orphaned Wool designs are detailed (not complicated) and include many design elements, not a lot of open space, which keeps the Artist engaged & excited throughout the creative process.

I hope you enjoy these new digital PDF download patterns!

Enlargement Size Suggestions: 


MARIGOLD Pattern - Size 6 x 6

200% =  12 x 12 - Small Pillow size

300% =  18 x 18   - Large Pillow

400% =  24 x 24    -Wall Hanging/ Tabletop Mat

500% =  30 x 30   - Square Floor Rug

 Digital Rug Hooking/Rug Punch PDF Download File includes: 

1. Download Pattern-printed on standard-size paper. 

2. Pattern enlargement directions and suggestions for use as a Rug hooking or Rug Punch pattern (Oxford punch).

3. Enlargement size suggestions and the formula used to create additional size pattern enlargements. 

4. Copyright pattern permission slip for a maximum of 3 enlargements for use at a local copy center and Copyright information.

5. Color Photo of the finished design. (Main page picture)

6. Beautiful full-color placement guide easily guides you in placing all the colors throughout the pattern. It also makes it easy to substitute an individual color in the design.

7. A rug hooking/punch materials list & suppliers.

8. Color Photo Note-(Some patterns are finished as punch needle designs to show the design and colors used in the pattern).

Printing Information & helpful hints: 

Print from your computer, not tablets and phones. They will not print the "actual size" of the document.

Open the PDF and Print (make sure your printer is set to "actual size," not a percentage setting to print the correct size pattern on your print information screen. Also, make sure it is set to print in color.

I am using Standard Paper size 8 1/2 x 11. There will be five pages to print -1 full-color guide page and one partial-color page. The rest is in black and white.

Please Note: This is a digital purchase; you will not receive anything by mail.

Copyright Information:  Please note that all pattern designs from Kelly Kanyok / Orphaned Wool are copyrighted and are for personal use only. 

Any form of reproduction or mass production, including wholesale companies of any or all parts of this pattern or color guide, is forbidden. In addition, finished works from patterns can not be presented to magazines or trade publications without prior written consent from the copyright holder-  All Rights Reserved - Thank you for respecting the copyright laws.

Marigold- Copyright © 2020 Kelly Kanyok / Orphaned Wool

Digital patterns are not returnable/refundable. If you have any concerns, please contact me via 


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