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Marigold-PPN Paper Punch Needle Pattern
Marigold-PPN Paper Punch Needle Pattern
Marigold-PPN Paper Punch Needle Pattern

Marigold-PPN Paper Punch Needle Pattern

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Marigold- Botanical Paper Punch Needle Pattern - This pattern includes a paper pattern, a full-color guide to give you the exact placement of the thread colors, along with the Valdani thread list used to create this pattern.

This pattern is also available as a full Kit- custom pattern with 9pc. Valdani thread kit, see Punch Needle kits.

This Pattern is part of the botanical ever-expanding line of natural patterns. This pattern creates a lovely natural floral design, along with the Poppy pattern, makes a wonderful collection to add to your home... and more patterns to come in the collection!

See other patterns in this line: Poppy, Marigold

This makes a perfect starter piece to learn the art of punch needle, add my Tips and Techniques guide (See Supplies) for helpful information, and your Ultra punch needle (see supplies) if you need one to purchase.  

Perfect pattern for the embroidery, needlework, or punch needle Artist!

This sweet paper pattern is ready to trace on your weaver's cloth or desired backing material.  

I recommend that you use a small lightbox and Micron 05 Archival Ink Pen to trace your patterns. 

Pattern Size 6 x 6

Valdani Thread List: ( 9 pcs)- Perle Cotton Size 8 or 12

  1. 8122.   Black/Brown
  2. H-202 Withered Green
  3. 823.    Olive Green Dk.
  4. 853.    Antique Gold Dk.
  5. O-153 Golden Moss
  6. V-106  Antique Golds
  7. O-572 Blue Blackbird
  8. PT-1    Red Twisted Tweed
  9. O-510 Terra-cotta Twist
 I hope you enjoy creating this wonderful design! 


©️Kelly Kanyok 2020- Orphaned Wool

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