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Orphaned Wool

Majestic-Punch Needle Pattern

Majestic-Punch Needle Pattern

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This Majestic -Punch Needle pattern is a beautiful square pattern from Orphaned Wool. Majestic is a timeless design that makes a beautiful accent pillow, an incredible framed piece of artwork, or a wonderful gift for someone special.

Majestic-Copyright © 2022 Kelly Kanyok is an elegant punch needle pattern, and a richly colored pattern was created using Valdani threads and DMC Floss together in one design. (see the combination thread list below).

This large design was created by combining Valdani Size-12 Threads and 3 of the six strands of DMC Floss in one pattern. The size 12 Valdani and using three strands of DMC are almost identical in thickness, so they blend beautifully together.

Using both types of threads is not only cost-effective but it is also efficient. Valdani thread is a very efficient way to fill large open areas without rethreading your needle continuously. Purchasing and using the small DMC skeins for the detailed areas is cost-effective when buying all the thread colors needed to create this Majestic pattern. 

Pattern options (Paper Pattern or Pattern on Weaver's cloth) include the full-color pattern placement guide, which details exactly where each thread color is used throughout the Design, the custom thread list, and directions on how to complete the pattern and finishing and framing information.

PATTERN OPTIONS: Paper Pattern or Pattern on Weavers Cloth 

I recommend using a small lightbox and Micron 05 Archival Ink Pen for the Paper Patterns to trace your patterns onto your weaver's cloth fabric. See Supplies for purchasing quality Weavers Cloth fabric if needed.

Weaver's Cloth patterns are a "ready to go" Design on quality Weaver's Cloth fabric and are ready to go directly on your frame or hoop and start working.

See Supplies for Weavers Cloth, Ultra Punch Needles, Tips & Technique booklet & other Punch Needle supplies.

A wonderful pattern for the embroidery, needlework, and punch needle artist!

This pattern was punched using the Ultra Punch Needle with the small needle size and the length set at #1 and used DMC Floss and Valdani Threads. - See the Color Guide for punch needle techniques and directions.

The Majestic Pattern also has a Paper Rug Hooking pattern (sold separately ) that makes a beautiful rug design to coordinate with the Punch Needle Design.

Majestic- Punch Needle Thread List:
A combination of Threads used to create this pattern include Valdani Thread & DMC Floss. Additionally, this pattern used the Ultra Punch Needle- Small Needle size, Length set to #1 throughout the Design.

Valdani Thread-Perle Cotton, Size 12
(2) balls P-12- Brown
(2) balls 821- Olive Green Light

DMC Floss- 6-strand ( Using 3 of the six strands) & Est. # Skeins
(2)      355- Dark Terra Cotta
(2)      400- Dark Mahogany
(3-4)  3829- Very Dark Old Gold
(3)      422- Light Hazelnut Brown
(3).     712- Cream
(4-5)  935- Dark Avocado Green
(4-5)  924- Black Avocado Green

*For Personal Use Only- Not For Resale - All Rights Reserved 

Original Design ©️ Copyright 2022-Kelly Kanyok / Orphaned Wool 

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