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Lovely-Linen Rug Hooking pattern

Lovely-Linen Rug Hooking pattern

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Lovely -Linen Rug Hooking Pattern is hand-drawn on quality natural linen. This linen pattern is the perfect pillow-sized rug hooking or Oxford rug punch pattern.

The size of this pattern is (16 x 16). The Lovely Linen pattern is Hand-drawn on quality natural linen and has an added 1" inch border. This design will allow you to select whatever color in the pattern you want to use on your finished edge. 

The Lovely- Linen pattern Includes a Custom color placement guide; this guide provides you with all the colors and shows you exactly where each color is used within the design. The other helpful use of the color guide is to provide a template of the colors, so if you choose to replace a single color or change the entire color palette, the guide will show the distribution of that new color(s) and maintain color balance in the design. 

All Linen patterns are Hand-drawn, not printed, on quality linen, and have a serged edge to prevent fraying of the linen. 

Please note:  To create quality hand-drawn linen patterns, I have chosen to draw each design at the time of the order, so please understand it may take a few days to complete your order.

All rights reserved, Copyright © 2021, Kelly Kanyok  - Orphaned Wool.

For personal use only - not for resale

The Photograph below is the Punch Needle Version of the pattern to show the color palette and design. 

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