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Hare with Friends- Rug Hooking Paper Pattern

Hare with Friends- Rug Hooking Paper Pattern

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Hare with Friends-Rug Hooking paper pattern is a new wonderful Spring 2022 enlargeable pattern. This lovely pattern was inspired by the work of William Morris a British 19th-century textile designer in the Arts and Crafts movement. Hare with Friends is a timeless pattern that makes a beautiful pillow, wall hanging, or an incredible rug. 

This pattern can be used for rug hooking along with rug punching (Oxford punch). J If you plan to use a rug punch just remember to reverse or flip the pattern before you create the pattern enlargement to create the desired direction of the design. Rug punch works the pattern from the backside whereas, rug hooking works on the pattern from the front.

Hare with Friends-Paper rug hooking pattern Includes a Paper pattern (pattern size 7 1/2 x 8 1/2 ) designed to be enlarged. See below for suggested sizes and uses. A Custom Color placement guide,  Enlargement Permission slip, size suggestions, and enlargement formula are used to create additional sizes &  a color photo of the finished design.

Paper RH pattern enlargement/ permission slip: This pattern comes with some suggested pattern enlargement sizes. If you would like to further customize the pattern feel free to add additional borders to this design. The enclosed permission slip allows you to get up to(3) design size enlargements done at any local copy center, just bring the Copyright permission slip with you to make the enlargement.

OW Custom color placement guide: This is a full-color guide that provides you with all the colors used in the pattern along with where each color is used within the design.  The color guide is also helpful if you choose to replace a single color or multiple colors by providing a great visual guide to help distribute evenly the new color(s) changes and still maintain the balance of colors throughout the design. 

Copyright permission for (3) time enlargements of the enclosed paper pattern for your personal use only as part of your purchase. 

Perfect paper pattern for the Oxford punch or rug hooking artist!

Paper Pattern size: 7 1/2  x 8 1/2

Enlargement size suggestions:

200% = 15 x 17 -Small Pillow Size

300% = 22 1/2 x 25 1/2- Tabletop/ Wall hanging

400% = 30 x 34 -Rug Size

500% = 37 1/2 x 42 1/2 - Large Rug 

Feel free to add a border to make the pattern the exact size you desire!  Note: Cut out the paper pattern before enlargement to create an accurate size enlargement.

Note: All rights reserved, Copyright © 2022, Kelly Kanyok  - Orphaned Wool

For personal use only - not for resale

Note: The photo of Hare with Friends is finished as a punch needle pattern - an example of the pattern & colors. Artist Kelly Kanyok copyright 2022