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Orphaned Wool

Tips & Techniques Booklet- for Thread Punch Needle

Tips & Techniques Booklet- for Thread Punch Needle

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This Tips & Technique Punch Needle booklet is updated as of August 2023. In addition, it includes even more helpful information to start your Thread Punch Needle journey.

The booklet Includes Punch Needle History, Supplies Needed to create with a Thread Punch Needle, Punch Needle 101, Transfer Tips, Ironing & Pattern Clean-up Instructions, Framing and Mounting Tips.

Perfect for the Beginner and Experienced Punch Needle Artists.

This Tips & Technique Guide is a "How to" Thread Punch Needle Guide that provides all the necessary information to make your punch needle journey more enjoyable and the final product a beautifully finished design.

This Guide features the Ultra Punch Needle, but the information relates to other Punch Needles.

Excellent starter guide for the beginner, along with great tips and information for everyone!

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