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Charm-Punch Needle Pattern
Charm-Punch Needle Pattern
Charm-Punch Needle Pattern
Charm-Punch Needle Pattern
Charm-Punch Needle Pattern
Charm-Punch Needle Pattern

Charm-Punch Needle Pattern

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Charm Punch Needle Pattern - This Charm pattern is simply a "charming" design to create and display. It makes a great little decorative pillow for your home. The colors thread colors used in this Charm pattern are also all available in the Gracious thread kit.

 Charm Pattern Size: 4 x 4

All patterns options include the full-color pattern placement guide, which details exactly where each thread color is used throughout the design, and the custom thread list used to create this pattern.

*NEW* Orphaned Wool Punch Needle Patterns now include (2) thread choices -Valdani Thread (used to create this pattern), along with the new option of using DMC 6 stand Floss.  Please Note: The DMC floss 6 strand skeins selected are solid colors, thus are not variegated like some Valdani colors used in this pattern. DMC will create a slightly different finish to the pattern from the Valdani thread colors.

The NEW DMC Floss & Valdani Thread colors codes will be included on a separate sheet, along with the formula & information needed to help estimate the amount of DMC floss needed to complete this pattern.

PATTERN OPTIONS: Paper pattern or Drawn on Weavers Cloth pattern 

I recommend for the Paper pattern version that you use a small lightbox and Micron 05 Archival Ink Pen to trace your patterns onto your weaver's cloth fabric. See Supplies for purchasing quality Weavers Cloth fabric if needed.

The Drawn-on weaver's cloth pattern version is a "ready to go" pattern, and is all hand-drawn on quality weavers cloth fabric and is ready to go on your frame or hoop.

See Supplies for Weavers Cloth, Ultra Punch Needles, Tips & Technique booklet & other Punch Needle supplies.


NEW- Valdani & DMC Color List


Size 12

Valdani Thread Color

Perle Cotton -7 colors


Floss #


Faded Rust Light



Olive Green Light



Juniper Medium



Tarnished Gold



Old Brick



Skin Tones



Blue Blackbird


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