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Autumn Glow - Punch Needle Patterns (set of four)

Autumn Glow - Punch Needle Patterns (set of four)

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Autumn Glow - Punch Needle Patterns (a set of four). This sweet collection of punch needle patterns fits nicely into easy-to-find 4x4 frames from your local hobby store and is a fabulous collection for your home.

This Autumn Glow series used DMC Floss in the photographed patterns. The Design includes color codes for Valdani threads and the DMC floss colors, so you can choose your favorite thread to create this Autumn Glow series.

Pattern Size: 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 each of the four patterns. Patterns were framed in  4 x 4 frames. 

All pattern options (Paper Pattern or Pattern on  Weaver's cloth) include the full-color thread pattern placement guide, which details where each color is placed throughout the Design.

I recommend using a small lightbox and Micron 05 Archival Ink Pen to trace your patterns onto your weaver's cloth fabric for the Paper pattern version. See Supplies for purchasing quality Weavers Cloth fabric if needed.

The Cloth Pattern is professionally printed on quality weaver's cloth fabric and is a "ready to go" pattern onto your frame or hoop.

See Supplies for Weavers Cloth, Ultra Punch Needles, Tips & Technique booklet & other Punch Needle supplies.

A wonderful pattern for the embroidery, needlework, and punch needle artist!

DMC Floss Colors are used in Autumn Glow Series (4) patterns. 

This pattern was punched using the Ultra Punch Needle and 3 of the six strands of DMC floss. -See below for thread amounts and color codes.

DMC    (20 pc.  )      Valdani thread optional colors- 8 Rolls

3857 4 pc.                        813

782   3 pc.                        14

3787 3 pc.                        892

355   3 pc.                        P-1

921   2 pc.                        O-506

3011 2 pc.                        O-1901

839   2 pc.                        P-12

422   1 pc.                        O-576


*For Personal Use Only- Not For Resale - All Rights Reserved 

Original Design ©️ Copyright 2021-Kelly Kanyok / Orphaned Wool 

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