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Antiquity (Extra Small)-LRH Linen Rug Hooking Pattern
Antiquity (Extra Small)-LRH Linen Rug Hooking Pattern

Antiquity (Extra Small)-LRH Linen Rug Hooking Pattern

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This hand-drawn on linen Antiquity (Extra-small ) rug hooking pattern makes a wonderful tabletop runner or mat.  The pattern is so versatile, simple color changes can be done to create a totally different piece, or keep the beautifully designed color plan to recreate this design. 

This Antiquity-Extra small is one of the four sizes available on drawn on linen, from rug size to table runner... so many options to choose from.

This is the smallest version of the Antiquity pattern. This is a wonderful size placemat or great pillow, add a larger rug pattern to create coordinated room accents pieces.

This Antiquity (small) pattern size: 14 x 22

The pattern comes with the OW color placement guide, this guide provides you with all the colors used in the pattern along with seeing exactly where each color is used within the design.  The other helpful use of the color guide is to provide you with a way to balance the colors in the design, so if you choose to replace a single color or change the entire color palette the guide will show where to distribute that new color(s) and maintain color balance throughout the design. 

All Linen patterns are Hand-drawn, not printed, using quality linen, and have a serged edge to prevent fraying of the linen.  Please note:  To create quality hand-drawn linen patterns, I have chosen to draw each pattern at the time of the order, so please understand it may take a few days to complete your order.

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