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Orphaned Wool

A Bee's Kiss- Paper Rug Hooking Pattern

A Bee's Kiss- Paper Rug Hooking Pattern

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A Bee's Kiss- is a delightful Rug Hooking Paper Pattern designed to capture the enchanting moment of a bee feeding on a vibrant, colorful flower. The pattern features intricate details of the bee and the flower, allowing crafters to create a visually stunning rug with rich textures and vivid hues. Great for Rug Hooking or Rug Punch (Oxford) Artists.

This paper pattern is meant to be enlarged to a size suitable for rug hooking. Clear and precise instructions guide crafters on scaling up the design while maintaining its intricate details. Important guidelines, such as suggested enlargement percentages and tips for preserving the proportion, are included to ensure that the final rug maintains the integrity of the original artwork.

Pattern Includes:  A Bee's Kiss -Pattern size (4 1/2 x 5)

The Paper pattern is designed to be enlarged (See below for suggested sizes and uses). An easy-to-follow Full-Color Placement Guide, How to Enlarge InstructionsEnlargement Permission Slip, Size Suggestions, and a Photo of the Finished Design.

About Our- Paper Rug Hooking or Rug Punch (Oxford) Paper Patterns: This pattern comes with size suggestions and formulas to create other size patterns. If you want to add a border to this design, this will further customize the pattern and size. The permission slip allows three (3) design enlargements at any local copy center; bring the signed enclosed permission slip with you to make the enlargements. Remember, if you are creating this pattern using the Oxford Punch Needle, be mindful to reverse the design if necessary.

NEW- Our Pattern Size Customization Feature at Orphaned Wool. Now, you can have your favorite OW Rug Hooking Paper Patterns enlarged to fit your needs without taking them to a store for enlargement and conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep! With a quick and easy assembly step (cut and tape), you can trace the customized pattern onto your preferred backing material, allowing you to create the perfect-sized rug."- See Pattern- Customization under Rug Hooking for how to order your custom-size paper pattern.

About Our- The custom color placement guide provides all the colors used in the pattern and lets you see exactly where each color is placed within the design. The other helpful use of the color guide is to provide you with a way to balance the colors in the design, so if you choose to replace a single color or change the entire color palette, the guide will show where to distribute that new color(s) and maintain color balance throughout the design. 

Copyright - The pattern includes a permission slip for (3) enlargements of the enclosed paper pattern for your personal use only as part of your purchase. All designs are Copyrighted and are not for resale. All Rights Reserved and for personal use only.

Please Note- The photographs shown are of the pattern finished as a thread punch needle pattern- for the visual design concept and color palette used for the rug hooking pattern.

PATTERN:  A Bee's Kiss

Enlargement Size Suggestions:    Pattern Size: 4 1/2 x 5

300% =  13 1/2 x 15 - Pillow / Wall Hanging

400% =  18 x 20 - Wall Hanging / Lg Pillow

500% =  22 1/2 x 25 - Small Floor Rug

600% =  27 x 30 - Floor Rug

Feel free to add a border to customize the pattern to your desired size! Note: Cut out the paper pattern before enlargement to create an accurate measure. Add any border(s) before you cut out the design or add after the enlargement process is completed.

Note: All rights reserved, A Bee's Kiss Copyright © 2023, Kelly Kanyok  - Orphaned Wool

For personal use only - not for resale

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