Collection: Rug Hooking- Size Customization for Paper Patterns

"Exciting News: I am thrilled to introduce the all-new Pattern Size Customization Feature at Orphaned Wool. Now, you can have your favorite OW Rug Hooking Paper Patterns enlarged to fit your needs without taking them to a store for enlargement and conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep! With a quick and easy assembly step (cut and tape), you can then trace the customized pattern onto your preferred backing material, allowing you to create the perfect-sized rug."

How to Order: A Custom Size Paper Pattern

1. Select any Rug Hooking Paper Pattern(s) you would like to enlarge and decide what size enlargement you want made of this pattern. 

2. Email Kelly at (Subject: Pattern Enlargement), and attach a note with the Pattern's Name and the approximate size or percentage enlargement desired. 

Tips on Selecting an Enlargement Size: I recommend selecting a pattern enlargement size consistent with the pattern's shape. The pattern description will have some enlargement size suggestions. Please note that these percentages can be modified to get close to your desired size pattern. It is best to give me an idea of the size you are looking for, and I can see the most comparable pattern I can create to that size. Just be aware that changing the shape of a pattern would distort the design; for example, taking a square design and trying to make a rectangular pattern.

About the Customization Fees: This Fee is based on the number of standard-size sheets needed to enlarge the pattern. Each sheet required to make the pattern enlargement is $1.25. Let's say you have a 7 x 7 pattern that you want to enlarge to a 20 x 20 size pattern, with a 286% increase. This will require (6) sheets at $1.25 per sheet, bringing the additional cost to $7.50 on top of the $12.00 pattern price. Therefore, the pattern and customization cost will be $19.50.

Paper Pattern Assembly Process: The customized pattern will be printed on standard-size paper (8 1/2 x 11), and you assemble the design by cutting the pattern on the cut line and taping it to the following pattern piece. The pattern pieces are numbered accordingly: 1 of 3, 2 of 3, then 3 of 3, etc. (Cut & Tape) to create the full-size design ready to be traced on your preferred backing material. 

How is the Custom Size Order Processed? You will receive an email from Orphaned Wool with a Secure Invoice Order for the Paper Pattern cost and the Customization Fee for each pattern enlargement ordered. Pay online using the draft order invoice from your email; this is the same secure check-out process used on the website to process orders.

Once the payment is received, the enlargement process will begin. If there are any concerns with the selected enlargement size, I will email you the necessary information before sending the invoice.

Also, Please note: If there is a Punch Needle Paper Pattern you want to have enlarged and not currently listed as a Paper Rug Hooking pattern, please get in touch with me with the details. I can create a pattern enlargement order using a similar process.

See the Photos to see how the patterns look before and after the assembly process; this process is straightforward.

All Pattern Enlargements are Copyrighted, and All Rights Reserved. For personal Use Only. Thank you for respecting the Copyright laws.