Fiber Arts Q&A- Punch Needle & Rug Hooking

 About the Punch Needle & Rug Hooking /Rug Punch Needle Q&A-

The objective of this Punch Needle and Rug Hooking Q&A section was to provide answers and resources for the necessary information needed to help beginner or novice students start on their Fiber Art journey.

It was essential for the Orphaned Wool website to have a learning space that helps students understand the differences between the fiber art forms and clarify some common areas of confusion. Providing what tools, equipment, and materials are needed and where to obtain these supplies will hopefully make getting started more straightforward and more enjoyable for the future fiber artist. Orphaned Wool hopes to inspire and grow our Fiber Arts community.

Sincerely,   Kelly Kanyok-Artist & Owner of Orphaned Wool

About -The Punch Needle Q&A  This section was created to help clarify much confusion about the term “Punch Needle” and to provide helpful information about the two different forms of textile art, commonly referred to as Punch Needle.  I hope to give some guidance and valuable information about the equipment, materials, and supply resources to get you started on your journey of creating with the "Thread" or "Yarn" Punch Needle.

About- The Rug Hooking and Rug Punch Needle Q&A -This section was designed to clarify these two similar but different types of fiber art forms. Hopefully, providing more specific information about each type of fiber art and how they are created will help clarify the confusion between Rug Hooking and Rug Punching—answering these questions and providing the necessary information and resources about the tools, equipment, and materials used to create each type of fiber art will hopefully make starting your journey into the fiber arts more enjoyable.

 By: Kelly Kanyok- Artist & Owner of Orphaned Wool

Specializing in Thread Punch Needle & Rug Hooking Patterns

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