About- Punch Needle: Paper & Cloth Patterns and Thread Kits

 About The Punch Needle - Paper Patterns, Patterns on Weavers Cloth, and Optional Thread Kits.

Paper Patterns- The Paper Punch Needle Patterns are ready to be traced onto a foundation fabric like quality Weavers Cloth fabric. I  recommend using a light box and using the Micron 05 fine permanent marker to trace the pattern. The Micron permanent marker won’t bleed while tracing your pattern, unlike a Fine Sharpie Marker that tends to bleed. There are many affordable light boxes available on Amazon. They make tracing a punch needle design easier than using a window or other source of light because you can sit down and comfortably trace your design.

Patterns on Weaver's Cloth are Ready-To-Go on your gripper frame or hoop. These patterns make life easy because you will be ready to start working on the design immediately. Some Orphaned Wool patterns are very detailed and take some time to trace, but you are ready to go with this pattern. All patterns are on quality Weaver's Cloth, a 45%-55% Cotton/Polyester blend fabric.

The Color Thread Placement Guide - All Punch Needle patterns include a custom full-color placement guide. An easy-to-follow full-color visual guide illustrates the entire pattern easily, showing the distribution of all the colors throughout the design. The Punch Needle Color guide includes Instruction information, and most patterns now include two thread options to use, including DMC & Valdani Threads and some with Rustic Moire Wool Threads. *See the pattern for more details. You can also use a combination of thread companies to create a design because using the recommended 3 of the 6 strands of DMC is equal to the size 12 of Valdani Threads. For instance, you can use a size 12 ball of Valdani for the background or other large areas and then use 3 of the 6 stands of DMC for the small detailed areas. This can save you considerable money when creating a design.

The color guide has a color key showing you how many thread colors are used in the design, the color codes for the different thread companies, and an estimated amount needed to complete the pattern.

This beautiful colored pattern drawing makes seeing the placement of all the colors much easier than having printed numbers on a pattern to follow. This full-color guide also makes switching any color in the pattern easier and helps you maintain the color balance in the design. 

Patterns with Custom Thread Kits- Paper and Cloth Punch Needle patterns have some patterns that can be purchased with a Custom Thread Kit. There are different types of thread kits available some are Custom Valdani Thread in size 12, some are DMC Floss 6-strand Kits, and a few are Rustic Moire Wool Thread Kits. See the pattern for specific details on the Thread Kits and their availability.

Our Punch Needle Patterns are designed for (Thread) Punch Needle but are also wonderful for Needlework Artists. 

I hope you enjoy everything our Punch Needle Patterns have to offer!