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The Sea Thread Kit- (Threads Only)
The Sea Thread Kit- (Threads Only)

The Sea Thread Kit- (Threads Only)

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The Sea Thread Kit- This Custom Valdani - 10 piece Thread kit, size 12, Perle Cotton, was designed to use with the You, Me & The Sea punch needle patterns. This is a wonderful Valdani thread kit for this pattern or if you would like a collection of ocean blue colors. This kit also qualifies for Free U.S. Shipping!

This sweet underwater (You, Me & the Sea- Photo) design was created using wool fabric as the background. Using the 2 pcs. O-31 threads provided in the kit are a  replacement for the wool fabric background. This was done by placing the wool fabric over the weaver's cloth-drawn pattern. 

Note: How I created the wool fabric background- * I placed the drawn weaver's cloth pattern on the back of my wool fabric background and punch through both fabrics to create this design. I found it best to use a hoop to hold both fabrics (drum tight) to punch the design. Give it a try!

Valdani Thread Color in Kit- 10pc. Perle Cotton- Size 12  

  1. O-154 Dark Antique Gold 
  2. H-211 Blue Black
  3. 831 Spruce Green Light
  4. 821 Olive Green Light
  5. 891 Juniper Light
  6. P-3 Aged White Med
  7. O-1901 Lichen Moss
  8. O-31- Tealish Blue (Background 2 pc.)
  9. Black


*Please Note: Regarding Valdani Thread kits- A very close thread color/size substitution may be necessary if the manufacturer has limited inventory. 

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