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Orphaned Wool

Textile Memoir- Your Artwork Journal

Textile Memoir- Your Artwork Journal

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This Textile Memoir is for the Textile Artist. A beautiful 8 1/2 x 11 wire-bound journal designed to record 24 pieces of artwork, printed using high-quality writing paper and durable gloss laminated front & back covers—the perfect place to journal the artwork you have created throughout the years. 

Record your memories of creating your artwork, maybe at a particular time or place. Journal the date, title, and pattern designer, along with the colors and the types of materials used. Also included is a dedicated page for photographs of the featured artwork. 

Perhaps the artwork was designed or given as a gift; you can journal thoughts and the meaning behind the design. This Textile Memoir even has a special place to record your wishes for the future location of your finished artwork.

Generations will enjoy this lasting legacy of the stories behind your artwork.

A special place for you to revisit and remember the beautiful artwork you created!


Copyright @2021 Kelly Kanyok. Orphaned Wool

All Right Reserved 


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