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Punch Needle Patterns hand-drawn on weavers cloth (DPN)

Orphaned Wool- (DPN) Punch Needle Patterns (Hand-drawn on weavers cloth)

This (DPN) hand-drawn on weavers cloth pattern includes- A beautifully hand-drawn pattern on quality weavers cloth. A full-color thread placement guide, Valdani thread or Rustic Moire Wool thread list, and pattern instructions to complete the punch needle design.

Much care is taken to hand-draw each pattern for your order.  I hope you enjoy having your "ready to go" pattern. All you need is to grab your hoop or frame and start having fun with your Orphaned Wool "hand-drawn" punch needle pattern. 

All patterns are punched using an Ultra punch needle and I generally punch at #2 setting length, unless indicated changes on the pattern.

See PN Supplies for- Ultra punch needle, weavers cloth, Valdani thread, Tips & Techniques Booklet.

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