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PAPER Punch Needle Pattern with Custom Thread Kit

The Orphaned Wool  Paper punch needle kits- Includes the Paper pattern along with the custom thread kit needed to complete the desired pattern.  The kit also contains the pattern's full-color thread placement guide with the necessary instructions to create the pattern as shown.

All kits are packaged in a sweet little box wrapped in tissue for that extra special touch that we all enjoy. The Kit also has Free Shipping in the United States.



1.Beautiful O.W. PAPER Pattern - Pattern on paper- ready to be traced on your weavers' cloth or favorite backing material.

2.Custom Valdani or Rustic Moire Wool Thread Kit- Specifically designed for the enclosed pattern.

3. Full-color Thread Placement Guides - Designed to allow you to see exactly where each thread color is used throughout the pattern.

4. Instructions -From thread length to embroidery techniques used, including detailed pattern drawing instructions for the (2-sided) embroidery and punch needle designed patterns.

**Kits-Makes a Wonderful Project for yourself or a Great Gift for your creative friends or family members!

I recommend using the Micron 05 pen for tracing. They are wonderful non-bleed archival pens, perfect for tracing patterns onto fabric.

Orphaned Wool carries the Ultra Punch Needle & Weavers Cloth: SEE- Supplies

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