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Paper Punch Needle Patterns

Paper Punch Needle Patterns (PPN) are ready to be traced on your weavers' cloth or favorite backing material. 

Orphaned Wool PAPER Punch Needle Patterns include - Beautiful Paper Pattern and a Full-color thread guide to give you the exact placement of each thread color. Valdani threads or Rustic Moire Wool threads were used to create each pattern. Special drawing instructions included (if needed) for certain patterns, along with instructions for the thread punching length or special techniques used to create the pattern. 

I hope you enjoy your Orphaned Wool- Paper Pattern- "Create your Masterpiece"

I recommend using a small lightbox and Micron 05 Archival Ink pen to trace the patterns onto your weavers' cloth. 

See PN Supplies (main menu) for Weaver's cloth, Valdani threads, Ultra Punch Needles, Tips & Techniques Booklet, cording 

These paper punch needle patterns are perfect for Embroidery, Needlework, Appliqué, Needlepoint, and Punch Needle Artists!

Copyright ©️Kelly Kanyok 2021- Orphaned Wool 


Personal Use Only-Note For Resale 

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