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Custom Thread Kits

These Custom thread kits are designed exclusively for Orphaned Wool. The kits are designed to give you the threads needed to create a specific Orphaned Wool pattern or maybe you would just like to add to your thread collection.

The type of threads and size of kits available are listed below:

*Valdani Threads- Perle Cotton (Size 12)  Kits vary in size from 6 piece thread kit to 18 piece kit. (prices vary accordingly). Kits can include solid and variegated threads.

Using Valdani Perle Cotton threads creates a finish with a slight sheen (pearlized -thus the name Perle Cotton) to the finished punch needle design.

Please note: Sometimes due to manufacturers' thread color availability, colors may be substituted as needed to the closes possible thread color.

*Rustic Moire Wool- 100% wool threads- Kits also vary in size from 6 piece kits to 10 piece kits. (prices vary accordingly).  The RMW thread size is between the 8 and 12 thread size of Valdani Perle cotton.

These RMW kits also contain a helpful (free) tip guide on using wool threads with the punch needle. These wool threads create a matte finish to the punch needle pattern, they also are very durable (think like a mini hooked rug) because they are 100% wool.

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