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Summer 2020

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Summer! So to start, I have some very exciting news for all my Rug Hooking followers and customers. As I mentioned in the last newsletter, I have decided to add a new product line to Orphaned Wool.  I have been thinking about this for quite some time, and now seems to be the perfect time to offer the Orphaned Wool- Rug Hooking Linen Pattern Line!

This decision to add the drawn linen rug hooking patterns came about with the recognition that during this pandemic, many people do not have access to or feel safe going out to have the paper rug hooking patterns enlarged.  Also, many if not all guilds have stopped gathering and most Hook-In events have been rescheduled to next year, making purchasing linen or supplies more difficult and expensive. Not to mention the people that don’t enjoy drawing the patterns themselves and would much rather purchase a “ready to go” pattern…I get that, it can be difficult to draw a linen pattern and requires some equipment to make it easier.

So I did it! Orphaned Wool now has a Linen Rug Hooking Pattern line. I have started with some new patterns and some classic OW patterns. I will be expanding and adding to this line continually to eventually offer entire Orphaned Wool rug hooking pattern collection. I will require a little more time to fulfill linen orders, it just takes time to create a quality linen pattern.

As with all Orphaned Wool patterns, these patterns will come with a beautiful color placement guide, fully drawn so you can see how many colors I have used and where I have placed them throughout the pattern. This will give you the option to use my color planning or replace any or all of the colors and you will know exactly where they are used in the design.

All Linen patterns are hand-drawn, not printed, on quality linen, and have serged edges.  Many of the linen patterns will be offered in multiple sizes. Orphaned Wool is also offering free shipping on orders $35.00 and over.

So for my Rug Hooking friends…what could be better! Free Shipping $35.00 + orders, no enlarging process, no purchasing & cutting linen, no squaring and drawing the pattern, and no finishing the linen edges, it's just a click away… simple!

For all my Punch Needle followers, I have some new patterns that will be released very soon. I have created a new series of 4 patterns, they are a botanical print collection that has been created to start with the seasons in color, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. I have designed the backgrounds to start with light to get warmer and darker the seasons progress.  I am really loving how these designs are turning out, and hopefully, you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Well, that’s what’s happening in the studio, and please stay safe and healthy & happy too!

Have a wonderful day! 

Create your Masterpiece!

Kelly Kanyok- Orphaned Wool

owner/ designer